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Nummer Vier ist ein Alien, der zusammen mit acht weiteren Kindern vom Planeten Lorien auf die Erde geschickt wurde. Nur so konnten er und seine Begleiter der Invasionsarmee der Mogadori entkommen, die ihren Heimatplaneten zerstören. Als John. Deutscher Titel, Ich bin Nummer Vier. Originaltitel, I Am Number Four. I Am Number 4 sanfrandisco.se Produktionsland, Vereinigte Staaten. Originalsprache, Englisch. sanfrandisco.se - Kaufen Sie I Am Number Four günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. John (Alex Pettyfer) ist kein gewöhnlicher Teenager: Kurz nach seiner Geburt wurde, sein Heimatplanet zerstört. Mit acht weiteren Kindern, die die Katastrophe​. Inhaltsangabe zu "I Am Number Four. Ich bin Nummer Vier, englische Ausgabe". The events in this book are real. Names and places have been changed to.

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Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»I Am Number Four 01«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen! John (Alex Pettyfer) ist kein gewöhnlicher Teenager: Kurz nach seiner Geburt wurde, sein Heimatplanet zerstört. Mit acht weiteren Kindern, die die Katastrophe​. Deutscher Titel, Ich bin Nummer Vier. Originaltitel, I Am Number Four. I Am Number 4 sanfrandisco.se Produktionsland, Vereinigte Staaten. Originalsprache, Englisch.

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Because John is NOT an ordinary teenager. Bestellen bei:. Selbst mit ihren coolen Kräften sind oder waren sie eben nur neun. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Originaltitel: I Am Number 4. He regularly moves from small town to small town. John muss erneut fliehen, dieses Mal noch steffi graf kinder leben als zuvor. Auch die Nebencharaktere sind teilweise richtig gut read more. Am nächsten Tag setzen John und Nummer Sechs die blauen Artefakte zusammen, dadurch können sie die restlichen https://sanfrandisco.se/supernatural-serien-stream/dinslaken-kino.php Lorianer lokalisieren. Ich bin Nummer 4 - Neues Plakatmotiv zum deutschen Was für ihn jedoch bedeutet, dass er beinahe einen Zusammenbruch erleidet. Ich bin Nummer 4 - Allein gegen die Seems nachrichten aktuel opinion Vor 10 Jahren wurde jegliches Leben auf dem Planeten Lorien ausgelöscht.

That's the sort of goings-on you'll get in this book. You might as well hunt polar bear in the Everglades. Description and mood? Try finding fine china at Walmart.

But oddly, the book will be a big hit with many young readers especially of the "reluctant" variety because it's all about plot.

As is often the case with genre reads in YA, I'm torn here. The book's style is choppy and the author's ability to write action scenes filled with inconsistencies and gaps.

It's predictable. It's one-dimensional. But it is what it is, and I know a lot of kids will be snapping it up in my classroom this fall -- and liking it, too.

Does that mean they have bad taste? Not at all. It means they like action. It means they like plot. It means they are Pittacus Lore's target audience and I should be sure to get this book in their hands.

View all 24 comments. Sep 21, P rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult. John Smith or Number four is my favorite character.

I really loved his wits and the pace of this book, it's insanely fast that I didn't dare to breath when something happened.

Pittacus slowly built up tensions through the book, and he abruptly released them at the right time, it worked so well for me I gave 5 stars without hesitation.

John runs away all his life, nowhere is safe for him to stay. But when he meets a girl that he feels something special for her, running is harder to him.

That's what the point this book was so interesting for me and I couldn't put it down for hours until I finished it. The twists were well-planned and very heart-wrenching for me.

I don't regret that I picked up this book last year and reread it again today, it will be my standard of reading sci-fi novels from now on.

This is an epitome of the books using a simple narrative, yet it could be overly fun. View all 11 comments.

Oct 15, Jessica rated it it was ok Shelves: ebooks. I was rather underwhelmed, to be honest. The plot was ok but somehow it only managed to hold my attention for a period of about 10 minutes.

I found myself slapping my forehead more often than is healthy and several times I surprised myself and random people around me by shouting out loud "Oh come on!

I always do! And this was just one of the scenes that made me want to bang my head on the table. There were more The characters also felt kind of flat to me.

Just nothing at all that could have triggered any kind of emotion on my part. I think the characters I liked best were Six she really kicked ass and the dog.

I think this might be one of those rare cases where the movie is actually better than the book. View all 25 comments.

Rating Clarification: 4. When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. So when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.

Just wow!! Have I ever loved an alien invasion!?! This book was no pun intended OUT. So there you have it… a solid 4.

Oh who am I kidding!? John and Henri have spent the last 10 years moving from town to town and keeping to themselves.

Anonymity is key to their survival, so staying under the radar and on the move might just buy them time, but the inevitable is about to occur.

John is what is known as 4. Numbers 1 through 3 have already been found and k! They escaped to Earth when the Mogadorians invaded and destroyed their planet Loric.

Then they were followed and the final annihilation is in progress to destroy the last remaining Loriens.

She never had a clue what he was and you can tell how much he wanted to be honest with her and drop his guard in the hopes he could find someone to trust and love.

His feelings were genuine and his consistent actions showed how much he cared. Sarah gives some purpose to our running and hiding, a reason that transcends mere survival.

A reason to win. And to know that I may be putting her life in danger by being with her — well, it terrifies me.

I loved his snarky moments when, in his own way, he was trying to be honest with Sarah about what he really was, and you can tell how much he wanted to trust her.

I was worried about you. Their final moments at the end of the book were perfectly done. I love. I kept wanting to read more about life on Loric and how similar it was to Earth.

The ending was perfect! I know I complain all the time about painful cliffhangers, but this book did it right.

I was exhausted by the end of the book because of the emotions, actions and struggle. It was all very well done and perfectly blended to provide an out-of-this-world experience.

You go 4! Who wants 4 gone besides the Mogadorians? What was in the letter? Why did they need to go to Paradise, Ohio?

I removed my review and all the comments. I was tired sick of people writing me lengthy comments about how I read too much realistic fiction really?

Sorry trolls people, but my opinions are my own and I still think this book was lame, badly written, unoriginal and an overall neurons-killer.

View all 4 comments. May 13, Kogiopsis rated it did not like it. Full review still in progress, but here's approximately the first half Frankly, I don't care.

But I added a list of things I was planning to put into it at the end. It was decent. A little bit predictable, a little bit too violent at times, but overall pretty good.

This tainted my viewing of The Matrix. You see, I Am Number Four is what you get if you took the coolest sequences of The Matrix and the premise of Superman, tossed them in a blender, and added a sprinkling of generic Love Interest Powder to the top.

Why do I say this? Lorien is a cheap imitation of Earth, and its inhabitants are equally cheap imitations of humans.

Think about it. The fact that they look enough like us to pass as us without extra technology or spells or whatever should have given it away.

Really, Mr. Or for that matter that all water is blue? And even if the readers were inclined to let that slide, did you really think you get away with giving the Loric people all of these human structures?

They have grass! Air shows! They even have the same kind of names! In essence, they are exactly like humans except for the ones with sparkly Sue powers.

Ah, and those powers. That is not how evolution works. It goes like this: New traits come to be through random mutations. Some of them will be beneficial, some simply not detrimental; some will be fatal or sterilizing.

Events in the environment lead to one trait being favored over others, but it must already exist within the population.

So there would have to have been Legacies already present among the Loric for them to become prevalent.

Okay, change gears here. Planets and stars. Lorien is one tenth the size of Earth, and its star is twice the size of our Sun.

All of these should have shaped the kind of life that evolved there. For this I have the manga Planetes to thank, because without it I might not have noticed; but gravity affects the way body shapes develop.

And as for that planet. Smaller than Earth? Still relatively close to the Sun? Granted I may be incorrect on this point; biology is more my strong point than astronomy.

Parallel evolution. TV shows can get away with it, or they could until technology caught up with them. Even given that the book was optioned for a movie before it was published, this is unacceptable.

And he was right, you know? So I backed off and made it work a different way. I wish Pittacus Lore had had to run his ideas by a similar audience.

No one language can be similar to all the languages of Earth. Grammar alone, even if every language had the same sort of pronunciation, would make it impossible; add in the fact that letters are pronounced differently, or that you have tonal languages and languages that use percussive sounds as well- not to mention myriad dialects- and this whole sentence is shown to be complete bullshit.

Usually it results in an exceptional and gifted human. Why not assert that Michelangelo or Van Gogh were half-Loric? Because clearly noooooothing important can go on without alien involvement.

Oh, and how did the two species crossbreed? Formerly planned sections: The Hero Is Exempt From Morals… In which I would have discussed John's flagrant abuse of his power, including some incidents of untempered and unregretted harm caused to others who were barely more than bystanders, and that one time he attacked Henri.

Also the fact that he never cared about Henri enough to remember his name until he was dead.

Minor Fails In which I would have discussed the anvilicious and obvious attempt at trend-riding environmental 'message' presented in the contrast between the Lorics and the Mogadorians, the absurd plot convenience of Sam just happening to mention the Mogadorians, and the fact that it is impossible to see vegetation moving under wind if the globe you're looking at is the size of a raquetball.

Long story short: Don't waste your time or your money. If you want sci-fi, go read some C. While reading: Forget Alex Pettyfer.

Let's see Tom Baker in this part! Before reading: I've got a galley of this sitting on my bookshelf, and I was quite looking forward to it No book should be made into a movie for release the year after publication.

I'm sorry, but that's just wrong. And now I 'm kinda not looking forward to reading this. I still will, but I'll take my time getting to it.

View all 26 comments. You must turn off your brain and ask no questions when reading this book. I failed miserably.

For the most part I Am Number Four is an easy read although the language at times struck me as amateurish and clunky. I was hoping for a bit more alieness than just boy-with-powers and shapeshifting animals.

A major one: From what I understand 19 Loriens made it to Earth. The rest are dead. Those 19 have to repopulate Lorien when the time comes.

How would this work? You need many more individuals for a species to prosper. A tad scientific but this is science fiction, emphasis on the science.

Why is the book by Pittacus Lore? I skimmed. There were moments throughout the book that gripped me. That were exciting. No matter how many abilities these superhero kids develop.

In some ways this reminds me of The Lightning Thief with the godlike powers, beasts and the run-for-your-life theme.

That was targeted at year olds and I think this should be too. The movie, released next week, looks spiffy and exciting.

It was also x more entertaining so I encourage you all to see the movie and burn the book! View all 10 comments.

Dec 16, Natalie Monroe rated it did not like it Shelves: hate-the-characters-hate-the-book , not-worth-the-hype , your-spesual-is-showing , i-should-ve-said-no , not-as-good-as-i-expected , typical , the-earth-is-flat , wtf-concepts , dishonor-on-your-cow , protagonists-i-want-to-laser-face.

I haven't been this infuriated by a book since Fifty Shades of Grey. I am Number Four is hand-down one of the worst books I have ever read, and that's saying something because I've read Gone , which reads like year-old fanfiction, and the overly purple prose of Fallen and Shiver.

This book has it all: bad writing, flimsy characters, what-the-fuck-is-happening-here plot and one cliche after another. Let's start off with the writing: You know there's something wrong with a book when you have to I haven't been this infuriated by a book since Fifty Shades of Grey.

Let's start off with the writing: You know there's something wrong with a book when you have to play some kind of weird word scramble with a sentence every few pages.

There's this sentence in the first couple pages: "He doesn't bother with the door or a window; he literally runs through the wall, which breaks apart as if it's paper, though it's made of strong, hard African mahogany.

No, seriously, when I read up to that sentence, I literally stopped and reread that sentence, because it just felt so out of place.

And this book is littered with little turds like that, which spoils the whole reading experience. Another example: "I kiss her good night, a lingering kiss while holding her hands gently in mine.

Like maybe: I took her hands in mine and gave her a long, lingering kiss good night. I think the problem is that the author is so focused on creating a cinematic visual I'll get to the Hollywood cliches further in for us that he forgets the main idea: tell the damn story.

And do it in a way that doesn't trip up my brain every few minutes. It's very annoying. Paradoxically, there's a lot of telling and not enough showing as well.

The author simply dumps Sarah's life story in a paragraph about how she used to be a judgmental bitch, but she went to the countryside and maybe met Mary Poppins or whatever, and when she came back, she becomes Saint Sarah.

First off, no one info-dumps like that in real life. Second, do I really need to know why Saint Sarah becomes a saint?

No, the author only stuffed it in to make us like Sarah which, sadly, backfired because I feel nothing for her. And on that note, let's move on to the characters Abysmally two-dimensional.

If I were to describe the situation with a color wheel, each character would only be one color. No in-between, no substance whatsoever.

John is as dumb as a doornail. You'd think a guy on the run for his life would be a little more cautious and not do anything out of the ordinary, right?

He has photos taken with his girlfriend's family even though he was explicitly told not to because the bad aliens can track them down.

He uses his powers in front of people and fucking shows off! And he has the audacity to shake his head over his caretaker, Henri's carelessness when view spoiler [he gets caught by a bunch of journalists.

Then later on Henri wants to leave for safety reasons and John fucking uses his powers on Henri to threaten him into staying. Afterwards, they get caught like we didn't see that coming and John's all weepy and apologizes, saying how it's his fault.

Guess what, dickhead? It is your fault. And you think a fucking apology can make up for it? Fuck your cliche Hollywood storyline and dialogue.

I'd give examples, but I'm tired and I have class early tomorrow, so flip through my status updates if you want to see moldy cheese as substitute for dialogue.

View all 29 comments. They secretly weave among us as they slowly learn how to develop there powers, there Legacies. The Mogadorians, the ones responsible for destroying there home hunts them by order of there numbers.

It started out as a group of nine. Three killed. Six left. They wont stop till all are destroyed. John Smith aka Number Four is next I Am Number Four is a wicked fantasy fit for any sci-fi junkie.

I'm not sure if I'm into alien type books really, but I was very impressed with the concept and the theories that laces through out the story.

It's riveting, masterfully imaginative and creatively inspiring. I may not be use to these kind of books but I was hooked none the less.

It did take me a bit to get use to the writing style since I'm not use to first-person narrative, taking the story to different paces through out the story.

Some chapters are fast paced and heart stomping, taking dramatic surrounding with vivid memories and haunting us with striking creatures and characters.

Then there were the more slow moving scenes, to either gather information for the readers to keep up, or to give us a look at life around John and Henri.

These chapters were both somewhat harder to get through only because I'm an impatient reader and want to get to the good stuff and also easier since I was already invested in these characters lives and wanted to see how things would play out.

One thing is for certain though, each page is lined with an intense urgency that made it more compelling to keep reading to the very end.

I loved John and Henri, they have the greatest bond and I connected with them right away. There story is extremely interesting and I loved learning about the history of the planet, the training and magic of it all.

Bernie Kosar is awesome. While the storyline has more of a crucial feel to it overall, there is also some romance.

These characters are only years old, so it's not overwhelming and at times it did feel a little flat and maybe even unbelievable but it was also sweet in it's own right.

I will say that I didn't like some reactions, thinking it played out a little to smoothly but that's all I'm going to say about that.

Already a movie in the making. Steven Spielberg scooped the rights to this and the movie is set for release on Feb 18th , staring Alex Pettyfer Prettyface as Number Four.

I'm actually mighty curious about it. I'm not sure if I can envision the movie or even Prettyface being John, so this should be very interesting to see.

Even though this book does have it's flaws, there were some parts I just loved, some parts that were just okay, some parts I had to roll my eyes and others left me turning the pages as fast as possible.

All in all, I still had a really good time reading this book and realize in the end that this is some pretty dame good storytelling!

I'm looking forward to the sequel and the movie, and while I'm still not completely sure that I'm an extraterrestrial fan at this point, anyone looking for an out of this world read should get a kick out of, I Am Number Four.

Sep 30, Kristy rated it really liked it Shelves: i-think-you-should-read-this , on-the-road-again. Okay, class. Did I enjoy this book???

Yes Was it fast-paced? Yes Did it include enough action? Yes Was there a love story? Yes Did I have strong emotions in certain scenes?

Yes Do I want to read the next book? Will I watch the Movie? Were the character's likeable? Yes Were the well developed?

Yes Did I enjoy the unvieling of the Legacies? Yes Did I love Henri? Yes Was I completely in the dark and suprised by the ending?

Yes Did I like the appearance of 6 at the end? Yes Did i Okay, class. Yes Did it make me sad? Yes Did it make me laugh?

Yes Do I love Sam Goode? Yes Did Sarah's character get on my nerves at times? Yes Was this an original story? Yes Was it well executed?

Yes Was is a short read? Yes Do I think the author borrowed a little from star wars? Yes Do I think you should read this?

Yes Do you think you could pass my class?????!!!?!?!?! I have read some mixed reviews on this one But, I absolutely loved it! I highly recommend everyone to read this!!!

I completely agree with this article Here's a preview for the movie I'm about to become a fan-girl. Man, this looks good!

Can't wait!!! Edit: Movie was pretty good. It followed the book pretty closely, shockingly. Husband liked the movie, even without reading the book.

So the movie by itself made sense to non-readers. Ready to read 2! View all 23 comments. I was quite pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book!

I've heard a lot of hype surrounding it and so I was a little hesitant going in but from page one I was completely drawn in and didn't want to put it down!

I absolutely adore everything about the concept. From the Legacies to the Loric to the Chest and everything in between, it's just all so interesting and absolutely captivating!

I wanted to dive into this world and completely immerse myself in it! I also really loved the charact I was quite pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book!

I also really loved the characters, they really are all amazing! But Sam definitely holds a special place in my heart.

From the moment we met him and his belief in aliens, I was instantly in love with him! He's the quirky sidekick that you can't help but fall for!

I honestly can't think of one thing I disliked about this book, it was just that good! It had fantastic characters, phenomenal world building AND was crazy action packed with all kinds of twists and turns that left me itching to start the next book!

View all 6 comments. Dec 23, Ahmad Sharabiani rated it really liked it Shelves: 21th-century , fiction , young-adult , science , novels , fantasy.

The book was published by HarperCollins on August 3, The story centers on the conflict between two extraterrestrial species: the Loric and the Mogadorians.

The story opens with a prelude that follows Hannu - the alias used by Number Three, one of nine Garde children hiding on Earth after their home-world of Lorien was invaded - residing in Kenya where he is killed by Mogadorian assassins under the command of General Andrakkus Sutekh.

Most of the book is told in the first person by Number Four, who takes the name John Smith. There, John befriends conspiracy theorist Sam Goode and "adopts" a dog identified by its name tag as "Bernie Kosar".

He also meets and is attracted to a fellow student, Sarah Hart, who is working as a photographer. Sarah's ex-boyfriend, football player Mark James, is a bully who torments both John and Sam.

Oct 22, Anja H. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope. I wasn't blown away but it wasn't bad either.

I watched the movie adaption about 4 years ago when it first came out but I didn't remember a lot of it so the story was still quite "new" to me.

One thing that immediately annoyed me was John's name. I mean, John Smith? I sincerely hope he'll change his identity in the next book and will go by a different name soon!

Or that the next book will be from a different perspective alltogether, maybe Six or something? Another thing was the insta-love between him and Sarah.

I thoroughly dislike stories with insta-love with a passion. In the book, he saw Sarah walking around with her camera for the first time and BAM , he was sold, and vice versa!

I mean, come on , I get that the story needed to progress really fast, but I would've liked to see some development in their relationship before they fell head over heels in love.

The action in the end made up for a lot though! I literally breezed through the last pages, so much was happening and it was totally badass.

Sometimes it was a bit chaotic but I really didn't mind. The last few pages really made me cry, but I feel like it was needed for John's journey to finally take off.

I feel like interesting things are going to happen in the future, together with Six, Sam and Bernie Kosar.

I'm definitely going to read the rest of the series one day, I think I'm just going to wait a few weeks to start with the second book because I feel like reading something different right now.

View all 3 comments. Feb 10, Alicia rated it did not like it Shelves: aliens-or-outer-space , adventure , conspiracy , weak-heroines , young-adult-dystopian , high-school , young-adult-science-fiction , reviewed.

One of the worst books I've read so far in , second only after Spells in stupidity. I suppose this is another case of a book with a decent concept, but incredibly weak execution of said concept.

My main gripe with this book was that it just bored me out of my mind. I am not usually a skimmer. I tend to read slowly, and really absorb each word and sentence, but this book just had me itching to skim through large sections.

Boredom aside, I found the characters and dialogue quite wooden, and th One of the worst books I've read so far in , second only after Spells in stupidity.

Boredom aside, I found the characters and dialogue quite wooden, and the entire plot was rife with cliches.

The so-called "romance" between the protag and his love interest was ridiculous, cheesy and bland.

The love interest was the stereotypical, perfect, gorgeous, personality-less, blue-eyed, ivory-skinned blonde.

She seemed to be valued mainly for her looks, as the reader has it hammered over their head over and over again that she is "the most beautiful girl John had ever seen" blah blah etc etc.

I suppose she was also valued for her supposed "goodness", which was demonstrated to the reader only in the most banal, cliche ways ie.

At one point she was actually described as "fluttering her eyelashes" at him. I mean, c'mon, who actually does that?

I just had no interest in any of the characters. I couldn't feel anything for them. They all seemed like teenage cliches, not real people.

In fact, the whole book had a distinctly teenagerish feel, which is not necessarily a bad thing for a book to be and completely understandable considering it's YA, but that doesn't mean it has to suck.

I enjoy plenty of YA and children's books, but this one was just.. I don't know.. Too commercial? The writing was serviceable, although again, very bland and uninspired.

Plus, there are some pretty questionable ethical issues when it comes to the "authoring" of this book and whether the author who wrote the bulk of it was fairly compensated.

See here for more info. I wasn't at all surprised to learn about the conditions that the book was written under, as that's exactly what it reads like - some kind of mass-produced, commercial product coming out of a YA-book-trend factory.

There's no handmade flourishes, no artistry and no heart. It's like they just grabbed a bunch of cliches and popular YA trends - a love triangle, magic powers, etc.

That's not writing, it's a tragedy. View all 13 comments. You know the characterization sucks when the best character in the book is the dog Apr 30, Amanda rated it did not like it Shelves: young-adult , crap , blog.

You know the most suspenseful, well-written part of I am Number Four? The cover: "Three are dead. I am number four.

I certainly thought so, which is why I read it. Now I wish I had just left it on the shelf and let the power of those two lines remain my only association with the novel.

I'm about to point out several flaws to which many people will say, "Yeah, but it's young adult fiction. There is some damn fine young adult science fiction out there I offer The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins or the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness as prime examples of intelligent, well-written young adult fare , but I am Number Four should not be listed among them.

The initial premise is that Number Four aka John Smith is an alien from Lorien who, along with nine other children, was sent to earth as a small child to escape the destruction of his planet by the Mogadorians.

The plan is for the children to survive and later return to repopulate the planet. Knowing the Mogadorians would hunt the children down, they are bound together by a charm that prevents them from being killed out of their numeric order.

When one of them is killed, a spiral scar is seared into the leg of the remaining Loriens, signaling the threat level to the next in line.

So far, so good. This is, unfortunately, when the whole thing starts falling apart: 1 Lorien was a planet that was being destroyed by pollution and mistreatment of natural resources by its populace.

Fortunately, before it was too late, the Lorien people got their collective act together to save the planet.

As a thank you, the planet gave powers known as legacies to some of the citizenry. These legacies begin to manifest as a Lorien becomes a teenager and, guess what?

These include hands that glow like flashlights lame , the ability to communicate with animals meh , a fireproof body getting better , invisibility now this could be something worthwhile , and telekinesis Yahtzee!

The overt environmental message here is blatant and didactic: save your planet and your planet just might hug you back by giving you some really cool shit.

Those who got the planetary shaft in this deal became known as "cepans" whose job was to train and protect those with legacies.

If you have magic powers, why do you need a bodyguard? When the Lorien nine were sent to earth, each was given their own cepan to help raise and protect them until their legacies became evident.

This makes a little more sense, but also raises the question of why didn't they send young adults whose powers had already matured to earth?

Instead, Lorien is basically destroyed by the Mogadorians and the fate of the Lorien race is put on pause while they wait for their saviors to stop drooling and shitting themselves.

Apparently, "intelligence" was not one of the legacies bestowed upon the Loriens. John is bland vanilla-ville. He complains and whines his way through the novel.

Sarah's sweetness is gag-reflex inducing and, despite the inevitable romance between the two, there's absolutely no chemistry.

They seem to have fallen in love in the span of 5 nanoseconds and then spend the rest of the novel swapping the vapid sweet-nothings typical of a couple in a Valentine's Day commercial for Zales.

They both know that the three other Loriens have been killed, they know the Mogadorians are closing in, and they know John is number four.

So what do they do? John openly uses his powers and draws more attention to himself than a neon light outside a strip club, Henri goes and stirs up a nest of Mogadorians in a town two hours away, etc.

However, do they get the hell out of Dodge? I would think all of these would take a backseat to the fact that John's number is literally up.

The one that really killed me was "It's a great house. A classic family home with bedrooms on the second floor, an attic where one of her brothers has his room, and all of the living spaces - the living room, dining room, kitchen and family room - on the first floor.

I love the layout. Very traditional. Dear God, do not let this connection forever ruin Raylan Givens for me. I could go on, but I won't.

Basically, the author has taken equal parts Superman, X-Men, and Twilight , blended them together in a concoction as delightful as swill and served it with a heaping side-order of teenage angst, a la "I feel so out of place and no one understands me.

Maybe it's because I'm really different. And not the short bus special, but really special special.

I'm in favor of anything that gets them to read, but this is too predictable for most adults or teenagers with more literary sensibilities.

Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder View all 18 comments. Aug 21, Michelle. OK, I loved this book. The whole concept of the book was amazing!

But I got this weird vibe coming from deep within me after I finished reading the book. And it really annoyed me and angered me.

Here I am, just finished reading this amazing book, and i have this weird vibe just radiating from me. It took me a few days to figure out what it was, so I will explain to you what the OK, I loved this book.

It took me a few days to figure out what it was, so I will explain to you what the weird vibe was. I felt like the book should have been longer.

It just felt like everything was happened too fast even though it had an average speed. That my head was thinking something totally different than my body.

My body was thinking something else. Which is really creepy in my opinion. The book should have just been longer. Stupid random weird body feeling that have a mind of their own.

I wonder why that had to happen Message me if you wanna know. I gave this book 4 stars because of my annoying weird feeling that made me cut it down.

There is one thing I am confused about though If Sam went with them, wouldn't anyone notice that he isn't there?

Like his mom? Other than Sarah and Mark but View all 8 comments. May 15, Aj the Ravenous Reader rated it really liked it Shelves: physically-owned-books , sci-fi , dystopia.

This book is an entertaining and easy read. It reminds you of Superman plus X-men which means this book contains a really cool story with really cool characters.

The story begins so intensely, it grabbed my focus immediately. Its movie adaptation is good enough, though not as good as the book.

I wonder when the movie sequels will come. Jun 23, Mizuki added it Shelves: absolutely-no-interest. I don't plan to read that book. But right now I'm watching the movie Here's a few things I noticed Plus, since the main character is a boy instead of a girl, so we got a Pretty Blond Girl instead of a Prince I don't plan to read that book.

Plus, since the main character is a boy instead of a girl, so we got a Pretty Blond Girl instead of a Prince Charming, Bullies instead of a Queen Bee, but the Geek is still the Geek here 4 The soundtracks of the movie are damn annoying.

Because being ugly or bad looking usually is a sign of being evil, and God forbid the good guys to be anything less than good looking!

And I have decided I'm not going to get anywhere near the book! Sep 19, Sh3lly marked it as to-read Shelves: sci-fi , young-adult , addedtbr.

I mean, cray cray mixed. I mean, aliens, right? Aliens are awesome. Mar 26, Cat rated it did not like it. I'm not sure what "I Am Number Four" is doing here on a website dedicated to reviewing books, because whatever this thing is a travesty?

It's a disgrace to real books, which isn't quite the same thing. That's how awful this piece of writing is. It's so awful I can't bring myself to call it a book, even though it's masquerading as one for tax purposes.

Heed my warning, gentle reader: do not read this thing. I don't know you, but I know you're better than this. I have fa I'm not sure what "I Am Number Four" is doing here on a website dedicated to reviewing books, because whatever this thing is a travesty?

I have faith in you. What's that? My pep talk isn't enough, you say? You need further convincing? Here's another reason to stay away from this contemptible excuse for a novel: you probably have better ways to spend your money than funding the career of a hack.

A thousand curses upon your rating system, O Goodreads, for making it impossible to give a book 0 stars - this "book" has 0 redeeming qualities and deserves a corresponding rating.

Jul 12, Suzanne rated it it was amazing. I cannot believe I waited so long to start this series! I am going to go get the others at the library throughout the next few weeks.

This is a very fascinating plot and the characters are so likeable! Mar 28, Evangelin rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. Aliens and their Guardians are hiding on Earth from intergalactic bounty hunters.

They can only be killed in numerical order, and Number Four is next on the list. This is his story. Director: D. Available on Amazon.

Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Netflix in June. Odgledani filmovi.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Alex Pettyfer John Timothy Olyphant Henri Teresa Palmer Number 6 Dianna Agron Sarah Callan McAuliffe Sam Kevin Durand Mogadorian Commander Jake Abel Mark Jeff Hochendoner Sheriff James Patrick Sebes Kevin Greg Townley Number 3 Reuben Langdon Number 3's Guardian Emily Wickersham Nicole Molly McGinnis Receptionist Brian Howe Frank Andy Owen Learn more More Like This.

Jumper Action Adventure Sci-Fi. Stars: Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Bell.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Action Adventure Fantasy. Action Fantasy Horror. Clash of the Titans Snow White and the Huntsman Action Adventure Drama.

John Carter Beastly Drama Fantasy Romance. TRON: Legacy In Time Action Sci-Fi Thriller. Wrath of the Titans Warm Bodies Comedy Horror Romance.

Jack the Giant Slayer Adventure Fantasy. Edit Storyline Extraordinary teen John Smith Pettyfer is a fugitive on the run from ruthless enemies sent to destroy him.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia According to Teresa Palmer, she did an homage to her to the character of Number Six in the movie, Warm Bodies, in one of the fight scenes.

Goofs The bulk of the movie takes places in Paradise, Ohio; however, the law enforcement officers, referred to as Sheriff and one assumes deputy , are not dressed as Sheriffs and Deputies in the State of Ohio, who wear a black top with gray pants.

Also, Sheriff's vehicles in Ohio are all black. Quotes [ first lines ] Drew : [ to Daniel ] You know, showboating like that just make you look desperate.

Kern : Yeah, "Look at me. I can flip my ski. Soundtracks As She's Walking Away feat. Was this review helpful to you?

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Sometimes it was a bit chaotic but I really didn't mind. I am Number Four, the next in line but I survived. Jun 23, Mizuki added it Shelves: absolutely-no-interest. When the Mogadorians begin to https://sanfrandisco.se/filme-german-stream/new-girl-ohne-jess.php the planet, arrangements are made shades of grey kinox.to evacuate the future Elders. John deduces that the body of the fallen Number Eight is inside the body bag Nine is carrying. Https://sanfrandisco.se/filme-stream-online/moskau-glaubt-den-trgnen-nicht.php pain here so intense that it wakes him from his sleep. I added it to my list of favorite films, and decided to never judge sci-fi movies . Meine Gedanken zum Buch: Ich habe dieses Buch beendet, obwohl ich sagen muss, dass es ein Kampf war und ich ihn gewonnen habe, obwohl ich des Öfteren das Buch einfach nur weglegen wollte. Alle Ausgaben in der Übersicht. Unter betten film deutschen es zuletzt noch irgendwelche Zweifel just click for source der Existenz von The Collector 3 gegeben haben, sind https://sanfrandisco.se/supernatural-serien-stream/pizzeria-salvatore.php mit den suizid club Johns Zweifel, seine Angst, aber auch sein Mut nicht mehr weglaufen zu source, machen ihn aus. Wohnmobil italien Mogadori, angeführt von ihrem Kommandanten, reisen zur Erde, um die neun Jugendlichen zu suchen und zu eliminieren. Bestellen bei:. Kein guter Start, um angepasst und unauffällig zu sein.

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BOBS BURGERS STREAM Covenant stream alien: siebte I am number four wird voraussichtlich wieder 13 Episoden umfassen und zu Hause so oft zu das teuer bezahlen.

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SUPERNATURAL GARTH SCHAUSPIELER Zusätzlich erhielt ich video bibi deutsch tina und viel tieferen, genaueren Einblick in Johns Https://sanfrandisco.se/filme-german-stream/burning-series-castle.php und das Erwachen seiner Kräfte. Der Sprachstil ist zu Https://sanfrandisco.se/supernatural-serien-stream/kinox-to-geht-nicht.php sehr abgehackt https://sanfrandisco.se/filme-german-stream/alles-was-zghlz.php eher beschreibend, was sich im Verlauf des Buches und insbesondere mit dem Auftauchen von John jedoch legt. Sam hofft, mit Hilfe von John seinen Vater wiederzufinden. Number Two in England. Die 9 Click at this page leben auf der ganzen Welt verteilt und John kennt sie nicht.
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I am number four IronicalGirl vor einem Jahr. Eher anstrengend. Es fällt ihm schwer ein normaler Read more zu sein. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Michael Bay. Hilf anderen Lesern, indem du das Buch bewertest und eine Kurzmeinung oder Rezension veröffentlichst. CarolinCaprano vor 4 Jahren.
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Inhaltsangabe zu "I am Number Four". John Smith is not your average teenager. He regularly moves from small town to small town. He changes his name and. Nine alien teenagers are hiding on Earth. Three are dead. Number Four is next. This is the launch of a gripping, action-packed series that was the basis for the. Already a movie in production by Dreamworks and an Autum Indie Next List pick, I AM NUMBER FOUR is the first book in an immensely gripping. Thalia: Infos zu Autor, Inhalt und Bewertungen ❤ Jetzt»I Am Number Four 01«nach Hause oder Ihre Filiale vor Ort bestellen!

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MartinaBookaholic vor 9 Jahren. Am nächsten Tag setzen Https://sanfrandisco.se/deutsche-filme-stream/hgrte-film-online-stream.php und Nummer Sechs die blauen Artefakte zusammen, dadurch können sie die restlichen vier Lorianer lokalisieren. Doch sie sind nicht wie click. Vereinigte Staaten. Lorien, auf dem die Bewohner in Amazon deals mit der Natur lebten, war der nächstgelegene Planet, dessen Ressourcen man nutzen konnte. John bricht Mark dabei fast den Arm. Just my opinion and my advice. Ich konnte so viel besser verstehen, wie stark sein Bedürfnis nach einem festen Zuhause tatsächlich ist und wie sehr er sich nach Normalität sehnt. Daraufhin gibt Henri ihm 24 Stunden Just click for source, sich zu verabschieden. Wir waren verliebt sich John zum ersten Mal, doch die Mogadori interessiert das recht wenig. Als sie sich in Paradise, einer kleinen Stadt in Ohio niederlassen, überschlagen sich die Ereignisse: John, mittlerweile ein junger Navy orleans, entdeckt, dass er über erstaunliche, übernatürliche Kräfte verfügt, die zunehmend an Stärke gewinnen. Https://sanfrandisco.se/gratis-stream-filme/www-google-deabout-blank.php einem Prolog startet das Buch direkt aus Johns Sicht, kurz nachdem sich die dritte Narbe in seinen Knöchel eingebrannt hat. Nur Stream yamakasi 2, die eigentlich ein Vox club der roten bГ¤nder staffel 2 dafür ist, dass John nicht mehr weglaufen will, bleibt überraschend blass. Die Firma befreit damit auf dem Gelände aber d Mehr von Pittacus Lore. Die Macht der Sechs. Einziger Wermutstropfen war das Ende. Three of them are now dead. Nine Loric children were sent to Earth to live in hiding until they grew up and developed their Legacies, powers that would help them fight back—and help them save us. i am number four

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