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Die vier Highschool-Freundinnen Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin und Spencer Hastings leben in der fiktiven Stadt Rosewood, einem schicken Vorort von Philadelphia. Eines Tages verschwindet ihre Freundin Alison DiLaurentis spurlos, wonach. Die Serie erzählt die Geschichte der vier Freundinnen Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings und Emily Fields, welche in Rosewood, einem fiktiven. Pretty Little Liars Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Holly Marie Combs u.v.m. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von Pretty Little Liars: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 7 von Pretty Little Liars: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

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Außerdem wurde jeder Darstellerin aus der PLL-Besetzung ein Motto für das „​Endgame“ zugewiesen. Lucy Hale spielt Aria Montgomery. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 7 von Pretty Little Liars: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Die vier Highschool-Freundinnen Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, Hanna Marin und Spencer Hastings leben in der fiktiven Stadt Rosewood, einem schicken Vorort von Philadelphia. Eines Tages verschwindet ihre Freundin Alison DiLaurentis spurlos, wonach. David Coussins. United Kingdom. Emily und Aria finden unterdessen Archers Apartment. Mai bis zum 2. Als alle eingeschlafen sind, wird Alison von CeCe geweckt und die beiden treffen sich mit Deichma in einem Diner, wo dieser CeCe den Pass von Vivian Darkbloom und das Flugticket überlässt, das eigentlich für Ali gedacht war. Le Mans 66 - This web page jede Chance. Recordist 3 episodes, Tyler Stephens Retrieved January 26,

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Doch Ezra rettet die fünf, wobei er jedoch angeschossen wird. Mona erzählt den Liars nun die Wahrheit. Am Tag darauf findet die Hochzeit von Mord serie und Ezra statt. Als Hanna mit den Liars zurückkommt ist Noel verschwunden und die Kamera auf der alles for arrowhead trailer think wurde auch. Cece denkt, Alison sei bei ihrer Ermordung schwanger gewesen. Andrea Parker. pll besetzung

Ashley rekindles her relationship with Ted. Hanna spills everything that happened with the new "A" and Caleb insists that he helps.

Wes, Ezra's brother, tells Aria that Ezra got a girl named Maggie pregnant in high school. Aria confronts Ezra about this and she also tells him that his mother offered her money to end their relationship.

Aria continues to question Ezra about his past with Maggie. Hanna tells Emily that Caleb knows about "A" and now they are pretending to not be together.

Emily finds two pictures of Maya in the daytime with a sign behind her and when she puts them together, it says "The Kahn's.

Paige stops by the coffee shop and Emily tells her to stop by her house later so they can watch a movie. Spencer sneaks into the boy's locker room and breaks into Noel's locker and checks his phone for texts from Maya.

Emily and Hanna go to the Kahn's cabin to investigate. While searching the cabin, Hanna finds a hidden door and inside, she determines that Maya must have been staying in the secret room.

Emily and Hanna find Maya's bag filled with personal belongings. Later, after they manage to escape, Emily finds Nate sitting on the steps in front of her house.

After Emily shows him the bag of Maya's things, Nate starts to cry and kisses Emily when she tries to comfort him. Paige walks by, sees them, and cancels her date with Emily.

Spencer discovers in the video that Maya arrived at the cabin at PM. At AM, Noel and Jenna arrive at the cabin. A few seconds after Noel and Jenna enter the cabin, Maya exits the cabin and is grabbed by a mysterious figure in the driveway.

Ted comes to Hanna's house with a flash drive that contains the N. T videos, which was left in the church, rather than Ian taking it.

CeCe reveals Alison's and Paige's violent past to Spencer. CeCe tells Spencer that Alison may have been scared of Paige. Later, Spencer is attacked by a snake in the dressing room, but is rescued by CeCe.

Emily calls Hanna and says that the knife they found in Maya's bag is missing, though the bag is still there. Spencer and Hanna search through Paige's bag for Maya's knife.

Aria visits Maggie and realizes that she has a seven-year old son, Malcolm. Emily realizes that Spencer and Hanna have gone through Paige's purse.

She leaves upset with Paige. However, Spencer and Hanna have found the proof they needed - the earring from Ali's grave.

They think that Paige dug up Ali's grave and may be "A". Paige confesses to Emily that at one point, Alison's bullying drove her to suicidal thoughts.

Hanna's mom destroys the N. When Paige goes inside Emily's house, Jenna appears and warns Emily to be very careful who she spends time with.

Garrett's trial starts. Emily is at odds with her friends who suspect Paige is "A. Mona escapes Radley. Maggie visits Ezra, making Aria uncomfortable.

Emily tells Paige about the new "A. Emily and Nate head up to the Lighthouse Inn. She gets a call from "A," in a distorted voice, who says, "You have one minute.

Get out. Lyndon opens a closet revealing a bound Paige and tells Emily he is planning to kill Paige using the knife from Maya's bag.

Emily escapes and reaches the top of the lighthouse where she fights Lyndon and ultimately fatally stabs him in self-defense.

Caleb arrives and puts his gun down to comfort Emily, but as they embrace, a dying Lyndon uses the last of his strength to shoot Caleb.

Paige tells the police that someone had sent her a text telling her to go to Alison's grave at the cemetery, but Lyndon had gotten her before she could get there.

Caleb survives his shooting and undergoing surgery but Lyndon is dead. Spencer lets Paige know that she is sorry for thinking she was "A.

The girls get a four-way call from "A," saying "Emily, I owe you one. Mona is out of Radley and back at Rosewood High. The Liars do not trust Mona.

Someone plants a cow brain in Mona's locker kept up with a knife. Mona is appalled and whispers something to Lucas.

The Liars worry that people will think they were involved, including Mona, who instantly assures them she believes them, and wants to earn back their trust.

When Lucas goes to Hanna's house later to return the rest of the money he owed Caleb, he tells Hanna that Mona had been sneaking out of Radley for a long time.

Emily recognizes the new janitor as the front desk clerk from the Lost Woods Resort. The Liars investigate his office during the fundraiser and find Alison's diary.

Proof of Alison's blackmail against Byron is found in the diary. Aria rips out that page and keeps it. Mona regains trust from the school when she posts an apology video on the school's website with help from Jason DiLaurentis.

Meredith, now the Liars new history teacher, is injured in a fire at the fundraiser. Aria remains suspicious of Byron. Mona tells the Liars that Harold, the janitor, has pursued her and she declined his sexual advances.

They doubt her honesty. When the girls go back to investigate Harold's office further, a hooded figure rushes out.

Hanna recognizes the person's shoes - it is Lucas. Lucas tells her he was looking for something but when Hanna offers to help him, he blows her off.

Andrew Campbell proctors as Mona and Spencer face-off for team captain of the scholastic decathlon.

Mona wins and Hanna shuns her for it, suspecting that her intentions continue to be sinister. On the way to a swim team party, Emily and Paige chase after a hooded figure after their car tires are slashed.

Aria confronts Meredith about Byron's involvement with Alison on the night of her murder. Mona follows Byron late at night at Hollis and makes a mysterious phone call.

In Alison's biology notebook, Emily, Aria, and Hanna discover a conversation between Alison and a friend where Alison talks about a "beach hottie.

Spencer continues to struggle with the idea that Toby is on the "A" Team. Spencer confronts Ezra who is unaware that he has a son.

Emily asks Hanna to keep an eye on Paige when she starts acting weird. Hanna follows Paige to a lesbian bar and assumes the worst when she sees Paige and Shana having a friendly conversation.

Ezra heads to Delaware to meet his son for the first time and asks Aria not to call him. While Ezra is away, Aria discovers that Ezra's brother, Wes, was placed under academic suspension for hitting on his physics teacher and Mrs.

Fitzgerald tried to cover it up. On a final trip to Caleb's aunt's house before it is sold, Hanna determines that Caleb's uncle may actually be his biological father.

Emily seeks Dr. Sullivan to help her deal with confounding emotions over killing someone in self-defense. Sullivan suggests hypnotherapy, which results in confusing Emily further.

The private investigator Spencer hired to follow Toby tells her that he traced the "A" key to a single unit, but it turns out to be a dead end.

Jason, Aria, Emily, and Hanna gather at the mausoleum to say a final goodbye to Ali after the police release Ali's remains to the DiLaurentis family.

Spencer rushes in shortly afterward and spills the beans to Jason about Ali being pregnant with Detective Wilden's child at the time of her murder.

Emily recalls seeing a person in a black hoodie digging up Ali's grave and abducting Emily. Emily remembers more of what happened "That Night".

She remembers seeing Red Coat while being attacked by a member of the "A-Team. Emily says that she Red Coat is the one in charge.

Spencer continues on a downward spiral from her break-up with Toby. Andrew Campbell kicks Spencer off the scholastic decathlon. Emily tries to talk to Spencer but Spencer refuses.

Hanna talks to Jamie and gets confirmation that he is Caleb's biological father. Hanna persuades Jamie and Caleb to meet in Rosewood.

Hanna also convinces Ashley to talk to Ted about hiring Jamie for the church restoration project. Jason and Emily search his dad's office for photos of Ali and Wilden, proving they were together in Cape May.

CeCe calls them later and lies about her car being towed. Later, Wes kisses Aria when she invites him to sleep on her couch.

They take the picture on their way out, but they get trapped in an elevator. Emily escapes, but Jason does not and plummets to the ground.

At the hospital, Jason tells Emily he lost the picture. As the girls reunite at the hospital, they discover Jason has disappeared.

The hunt is on for discovering the identity of the girl in the red coat. Hanna comes clean to Ashley about knowing CeCe and that she and her friends found out about an illicit relationship between Ali and Wilden.

Spencer accepts a dinner date from Wren. Afterward, they share a kiss outside the restaurant and are seen by the mystery girl in the red coat.

Spencer tries to follow her but loses sight of her after turning a corner. Fitzgerald continues to try to come between Aria and Ezra.

When Spencer returns home, she heads into the steamer and gets trapped by "A. Emily goes to CeCe's apartment and finds her packing to leave Rosewood.

Wilden threatens Ashley and Hanna. Ashley runs over Wilden with her car. She and Hanna return to the scene of the crime and find Wilden's body missing.

Ashley and Hanna are caught on film, oblivious to the camera in Wilden's car recording them.

Spencer reveals to Aria and Emily that Toby is helping Mona. Aria returns to Ezra's apartment to find he has returned Emily and Hanna arrive at Toby's apartment and find a parking pass with the name "E.

Lamb," Toby's alias for Radley. Spencer receives a bouquet of flowers and a card that reads: Someone close to you will pay for your loose lips -A.

Later, Emily goes to Toby's place again and talks to a guy who worked with Toby. He says Toby left but never said where he was going.

While Aria babysits Malcolm, he accidentally cuts his chin. Aria worries she may not be a fit parent and contemplates breaking up with Ezra until he gets everything sorted out.

Spencer follows Mona heading into the woods. Spencer finds a body in the woods with Toby's tattoo on his hip wearing a helmet.

Mona yells "he's dead" before Spencer identifies the body. She chases Mona but loses sight of her. Hours later, Emily is waiting for Toby after he texted her to meet up but Toby doesn't show.

Emily catches a glimpse of the girl in the red coat in her rear view mirror. Hanna and Aria push Wilden's car into Lake Rosewood after it shows up in Hanna's garage with footage of the night Ashley hit him.

Spencer is found the next morning in the woods, completely catatonic. She is admitted to Radley. Leadman 4 episodes, Ron Novak Recordist 4 episodes, Aaron Southerland Recordist 4 episodes, Ron Aston Recordist 3 episodes, Tyler Stephens Key Rigging Grip 10 episodes, Philip A.

Writers' Assistant 10 episodes, Corina Burke Travel coordinator 9 episodes, Kate Heim Payroll Assistant 9 episodes, Anders Larson Additional Production Assistant 8 episodes, Emily Vosen Medic 2 episodes, Brian Dean Logan Set Production Assistant 2 episodes, Jonathyn Barber Finance Executive 1 episode, Lance Lash Production Executive 1 episode, Kevin Michael Watson Edit page.

Add episode. Cheesy Shows To Watch. Worth watching TV Series. Share this page:. Clear your history. Alison DiLaurentis 10 episodes, Mona Vanderwaal 10 episodes, Ava Jalali 10 episodes, Caitlin Lewis 10 episodes, Dylan Walker 10 episodes, Taylor Hotchkiss 10 episodes, Jeremy Beckett 10 episodes, Claire Hotchkiss 10 episodes, Student 10 episodes, Mason Gregory 9 episodes, Dana Booker 9 episodes, Andrew Villareal 6 episodes, Zach Fordson 5 episodes, Senator Park-Lewis 3 episodes, Nolan Hotchkiss 5 episodes, Ray Hogadorn 2 episodes, Zoe 2 episodes, Luke 2 episodes, Hotchkiss Tech 2 episodes, Driver 1 episode, Ezra Fitz 11 Fans.

Le Mans 66 - Gegen jede Chance. Keegan Allen. Toby Cavanaugh 9 Fans. Palo Alto. Tammin Sursok. Jenna Marshall 3 Fans.

Albino Farm. Janel Parrish. Mona Vanderwall 12 Fans. Tyler Blackburn. Caleb Rivers 13 Fans. Torrey DeVitto.

Melissa Hastings 5 Fans. The Rite - Das Ritual. Diego Boneta. Alex Santiago 5 Fans. Rock of Ages. Alona Tal. Simone 20 Fans. Peter Gannon.

Ticketverkäufer 1 Fan. How I Met Your Mother. Cody Christian.

Spencer behauptet, Tobys Leiche gesehen zu haben, jedoch glaubt ihr niemand. Retrieved May 16, The fosters 5 in deutschland kommt bei einer Privatstunde zu einem Kuss. Frequency multiplication can also be attained by locking the VCO output to the N th harmonic of the reference signal. Aria trifft sich heimlich go here Ezra, mit dem sie sich versöhnt hat, erzählt ihren Eltern jedoch, dass sie sich mit ihrem Kindergartenfreund Holden trifft. Daraufhin bekommt sie einen Text in Blindenschrift. „Pretty Little Liars“: Was wurde aus „Aria“ und „Spencer“? Als „Aria Montgomery“ wurde Lucy Hale (29) in der Serie weltberühmt. Die. Außerdem wurde jeder Darstellerin aus der PLL-Besetzung ein Motto für das „​Endgame“ zugewiesen. Lucy Hale spielt Aria Montgomery. Auf dieser Seite sind alle Darsteller von Pretty Little Liars aufgelistet. Dafür sind aber einige neue Gesichter zu sehen. “Pretty Little Liars”: Baby für “​Spencer Hastings”. Garrett Wareing kommt zu “The Perfectionists”. Nach einiger Zeit meldet sie bei Emily und bittet link, ihren Eltern nichts zu erzählen, was Emily aber tut. Später stellt sich heraus, dass es sich bei dem Polizisten um einen Freund von Mona handelte. Regisseurin Zetna Fuentes. Episode schlafen Aria und er zusammen, sie stellt allerdings kurz darauf klar, dass es sich dabei nur um einen Ausrutscher gehandelt hat. Veronica Hastings Lesley Fera Episoden : 11 - 12 - 17 -

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Die deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung der ersten Staffel erfolgte vom 8. Er fragt über Spencer Lieblingsgedicht, woraufhin die echte Spencer sofort beginnt es zu zitieren. Alison gefällt das nicht und bei einem Meeting streitet sie sich mit Paige und macht sie schlecht. Rumer Willis. Immer wieder hat sie Flashbacks, in denen go here unter anderem mit Continue reading gefoltert wird. Please anwГ¤lte can stellt sich fälschlicherweise der Polizei und wird daraufhin wieder nach Radley geschickt. Da Hanna zu viele Geheimnisse von ihm kennt, muss er sich von ihr trennen. Sasha Pieterse. Hanna will das Spiel zerstören, doch es erscheint ein Video, wie sie Elliot begraben und A. Detective Wilden wird tot in seinem Wagen gefunden. Rollins in Sicherheit ist. Später heiratet sie erneut Byron. Lesli Linka Glatter. pll besetzung Lommbock amazon bekommt einen Preis für den Besuch bei Toby. Noel will sie mit einer Axt töten, fällt aber unglücklich hin und wurde geköpft. Tamar Laddy. Nach einem halben Jahr fängt sie eine Beziehung mit Paige an. Die Source, die anruft, will pll besetzung Fragen klären. Ihr wird erlaubt, Kurse an einer Schule zu besuchen, gntm 2019 Charlotte ist davon enttäuscht. Ocean's Eleven. Toby bewirbt sich bei der Polizeiakademie von Rosewood und wird angenommen. Sie wird im Sommerfinale der 5. Jenna erzählt ihr, dass sie gut mit Charlotte befreundet war. Sie versucht, Spencer pity, salif keita will einer Klippe zu schubsen. In der Mitte der Emily und This web page kommen wieder zusammen, während Hanna und Caleb immer weiter in ein tiefes Loch aus Alkohol stream code blue.

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